This training course is for people who use Excel on a daily basis and would like to learn more about advanced data processing. During this training, you will touch on a wide range of topics such as: logical structural designs for data, data collection and analysis skills, effective presentation of data using charts, data security and protection methods, and much more.
本课程适合有需要系统提升 Excel 使用水平,提高数据处理效率的 Excel 用户(中高级水平培训)。

Course Objectives:
1. Master data source formats and correct errors when establishing data forms
2. Learn and master practical functions to enhance the efficiency of processing data and operational skills
3. Master the tools for quickly making reports and the popular data analysis function, and improve the efficiency of data analysis
4. Find suitable data presentation and performance practices, highlight information among your data, and improve the quality of your work reports
  • 掌握数据分析中的理想数据源格式,改变建立数据表格的错误习惯。
  • 学习并掌握能提升数据处理效率的实用功能并掌握操作技巧。
  • 掌握快速进行报表制作的重要工具和常用数据分析函数,提高数据统计分析效率。
  • 找到适合自己的数据呈现方式和表现手法,突出数据信息,提高工作报表质量。

Topics Covered:
  • Basic data processing flows and things to keep in mind
  • Data collection and sorting
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Statistical analysis and report making functions
  • Data presentation
  • Excel report preparation
  • ​数据处理基本流程和注意事项
  • 数据的收集和整理
  • 数据的快速统计与分析
  • 利用函数进行统计分析和报表制作 、
  • 数据信息的呈现
  • Excel 报表的发布准备

Please Note:
1. This training will be conducted in English with support in Chinese
2. All attendees must bring their own laptop, with Office 2010 software or above installed
1. 此次培训将以英文呈现,但讲师可以以中文协助
2. 请自备电脑,需要用到Office 2010 software 或最新版本


9 AM - 9:15 AM
9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Lesson 1
10:45 AM - 11 AM
Coffee Break
11 AM - 12:15 PM
Lesson 2
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
Lunch Break
1:15 PM - 3:45 PM
Lesson 3
3:45 PM - 4 PM


  • Shan Shan Yu (Senior Microsoft Office Consultant)

    Shan Shan Yu

    Senior Microsoft Office Consultant

    Shan Shan Yu is a computer instructor and consultant that provides her clients with standard and customized computer training courses in MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Project from beginner to advanced level. She also provides Lotus Notes Client, HTML and NHIPP training on demand. Language skills in Chinese, English and some French.

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Member Price RMB 1,800
Standard Price RMB 2,200