NBA PlayZone Shanghai is an NBA-themed indoor playground that brings active, sports-themed fun to families in Shanghai. Its 1,500 square-meter destination offers children a safe, clean, and fun place to run, jump, shoot, and learn. Centrally located in the Hubin Dao Shopping Center in Xintiandi, NBA Playzone helps young fans develop basic sports skills and fosters important values like teamwork and determination through a variety of basketball-inspired play areas and activities. NBA mascots, Clutch and Benny the Bull, make regular appearances at NBA PlayZone, teaching children the basics of fitness, nutrition, and basketball.
NBA Playzone是全国首家以NBA为主题的室内乐园,这座1500平方米的乐园将带给孩子们及其家庭活力,教育,并充满乐趣的运动主题体验。NBA Playzone坐落于上海新天地湖滨道购物中心。旨在锻炼小球迷们的基本运动能力,并且在丰富的以篮球元素为主的娱乐区域和活动中培养其团队合作力与毅力。NBA吉祥物火箭熊和贝尼牛将会定期出现在NBA Playzone,教孩子们健康,营养,篮球基本知识。

CanCham would like to invite all its members and their children to join a fun day at the PlayZone:
  • Tickets are FREE and for registered members only
  • One ticket includes admission for one adult and one child - additional adult tickets can be purchased for RMB 50 at the door when redeeming a ticket
  • Please register in order to reserve and pick up your ticket at the door

CanCham邀请所有的会员及其孩子们在NBA Playzone体验有趣的一天:
  • ​​报名的会员可享受免费门票
  • 一张门票允许一位成人和一个孩子入场,额外的成人入场券售价50元,可在现场兑换票处购买
  • 请在网上登记预订,入场券可在现场兑换票处领取

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in is recommended. Socks and long clothing are suitable as some areas are "socks only" (no bare feet) and long clothing is best for using on the slides.

Tickets are limited - register to reserve your ticket today!
门票有限 - 马上预订门票吧!


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