As one of the leading exchanges of the world, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange provide both domestic and international businesses with access to significant international capital. Paul Davis and Sandra Zhao of McMillan LLP will review the principal ways of going public in Canada: an initial public offering (IPO); a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) and capital pool company (CPC) qualifying transaction on the TSX and TSX-V, respectively; and a reverse takeover transaction (RTO). They will discuss the mechanics, benefits and challenges of each method and provide insight into the Canadian capital markets from a legal perspective. 多伦多证券交易所(TSX)和多伦多证券风险交易所(TSX-V)是矿业公司的世界第一交易所,也是世界各地技术公司的最佳选择。在加拿大上市能为中国企业提供获得大量的资本和国际性的明显度等机会。在这个一小时的会议中,铭伦律师事务所的戴保罗和赵雪将为您解说在加拿大上市的主要方式:首次公开发行(IPO),专用并购上市公司(SPAC)和资本库公司(CPC)分别在TSX和TSX-V上的合格交易,以及反向收购交易(RTO)。他们将讨论每种方法的步骤、优势和挑战,并从法律角度为您深入分析加拿大资本市场。

Moreover, as one of the leading countries for listed issuers in the mining, natural resources and technology industries, Canada is a natural choice for foreign companies looking to do or expand their business in these sectors. One way for an international company to tap into the Canadian market is by acquiring a Canadian company already listed on a Canadian exchange. Paul and Sandra will discuss the various ways to acquire a Canadian public company, and provide insight into the issues, steps and Canadian approvals that Chinese companies and acquirors in general should consider when contemplating an M&A transaction in Canada. 此外,作为矿业、自然资源和科技行业上市发行人的主要国家之一,加拿大是寻求在这些行业做生意或拓展业务的外国公司的自然选择。外国公司进入加拿大市场的途径之一就是收购一家已经在加拿大某交易所上市的加拿大公司。 戴保罗和赵雪将会讨论收购加拿大上市公司的各种方法,及中国公司或中国收购方在加拿大做并购交易时应当考虑的问题、步骤和加拿大方面需要的批准。

This event will be held in English with bilingual presentation materials. 本次活动全程使用英文进行,但有中文素材辅助。

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4 PM - 4:30 PM
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  • Paul D. Davis (Co-Chair of the Capital Markets and M&A Group and Co-Chair, Ontario of the China Practice Group at McMillan)

    Paul D. Davis

    Co-Chair of the Capital Markets and M&A Group and Co-Chair, Ontario of the China Practice Group at McMillan

    Paul Davis is the Co-Chair of the Capital Markets and M&A Group and the Co-Chair, Ontario of the China Practice Group at McMillan. Paul has a practice focused on mergers and acquisitions, proxy fights, corporate governance, corporate finance and business restructuring, and a broad range of securities and business law matters for both private and public issuers. His extensive M&A and corporate finance background includes leading roles in the purchase and/or sale of numerous businesses (both public and private) and capital raising for public and private companies across a wide range of financial services, technology, natural resource and manufacturing businesses. He also advises shareholders as well as boards of directors in connection with proxy fights, and has served as a director of many public companies.

    戴保罗是资本市场和并购工作组的主席,也是铭伦律师事务所中国工作组的安大略省主席,主要工作领域为并购、委托书争夺战、公司治理、企业融资和企业重组以及为私人和上市公司提供证券法和商业法的法律咨询。 他有广泛的并购和企业融资经验,包括为各种金融服务、科技、自然资源和制造业的私人和上市公司在购买或出售企业和筹集资本方面扮演主要角色。他经常在委托书争夺战中为股东和董事会作为法律顾问,并担任多家上市公司的董事职务。

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  • Sandra Zhao (Partner and Member in the Capital Markets and M&A Group and the China Practice Group at McMillan)

    Sandra Zhao

    Partner and Member in the Capital Markets and M&A Group and the China Practice Group at McMillan

    Sandra Zhao is a Partner in McMillan’s Toronto office and a member of the Capital Markets and M&A Group and the China Practice Group. Her practice is focused on mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, proxy fights and business restructuring. She has represented public and private company clients in a wide range of industries in connection with the purchase and sale of businesses and capital raising, and is experienced in advising shareholders and boards of directors on proxy fights. Sandra also regularly advises public companies on continuous disclosure requirements, corporate governance, securities regulatory compliance matters and general corporate and securities law matters.


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