CanCham Shanghai is delighted to invite you to attend our SME Seminar - in collaboration with the SwissCham. During this half-day event, we will discuss some of the most important topics and challenges that foreign SMEs face in China.


1. New Retail Design Trends in the Chinese Market - By Samantha Chalmers, Client Manager for 5 Star Plus Retail Design in Shanghai

5 Star Plus will give a talk about new retail design trends in the Chinese market. Given the growth in online stores, and digital technologies over the past few years, many have wondered how brick and mortar stores will continue to fit into the equation. Various strategies of online to offline retail, digital integration, and onmi-channeling strategies have evolved the way retail stores are designed. Overall, retailers seek to create unique shopping experiences and functionality for consumers through the incorporation of digital technologies from VR and AI, to window displays. Samantha will divulge into these challenges, examining the future growth, online to offline retail strategies, and finally, explain what this means for the future of retail design.

2. WeChat ecosystem and platform - By Ahmet Tombul, Managing Director from Vauman Shanghai

In this seminar the speaker will tap into the WeChat ecosystem and show how companies can create an additional value to their users by designing and developing solutions and mini programs on top of the WeChat platform. We will learn how the WeChat platform works in general and understand what it can provide for companies and organizations. We will see and discuss what type of information are available using the WeChat API (Application Programming Interface) and WeChat payment API, e.g. accessing user data, allowing user to make payments, accessing real-time location, scanning EAN bar codes, etc. We will make a quick journey into the security aspect of a WeChat application and finalize the seminar with real use cases in the B2C and B2B sector and show why these solutions create an additional value for users.

3. HR Management in China: How to hire, motivate, retain and let employees go - By Alexander Vnuk, Consultantin Fiducia Management Consulting

Alexande Vnuk will discuss best practices, case studies and dos and don'ts. More details will follow soon.

4. Free Trade Zone and their preferential policies – Lucky Ding, Swiss Centers China, Trade Specialist

In her presentation, Lucky Ding will navigate through a complex system of the free trade zone (FTZ) policies by introducing 2 trade modes for companies to solve their problems – first capitalizing on FTZ to get foreign currency cargo payment under domestic trade, and second consignment trade in FTZ in the case of uncertain end customers. In addition, she will give an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of FTZ solution, drawing on SCC experience to help you make a correct decision.

*This event will be in English


Please note all fapiao requests must be sent to susan@cancham.asia before 2:00 PM, November 22, 2018, with the following details:

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  • Samantha Chalmers (Client Manager at 5 Star Plus Retail Design)

    Samantha Chalmers

    Client Manager at 5 Star Plus Retail Design

    Samantha helps foreign retailers looking to tap into the Chinese market by connecting them to resources through project management of a retail design concept. Additionally, her experience in small scale start-ups has provided her with adequate experience in both online and offline tactics for retail marketing. With a background in international business, she is familiar with the differing implications of foreign operations including policy and strategy methods.

    5 Star Plus Retail Design, an International company working from Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Vienna and Urumqi, is a leading interior design company specializing in the branded design of retail stores and restaurants. Based on a brand's identity, the firm designs, implements and maintains the interior for any type of retail environment including flagships, boutiques, concept and lifestyle stores. With a background in retail operations, 5 Star Plus is experienced with in-store operations, product placement and storage needs of various products.

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  • Lucky Ding (Trade Specialist at Swiss Centers China)

    Lucky Ding

    Trade Specialist at Swiss Centers China

    Lucky Ding's main job is to provide consultancy service for customers regarding international trade. Prior to joining SCC, she has engaged for 6 years in trading-related jobs, including in-house consultancy for COSCO and NIKE.

    Swiss Centers China (SCC) is a non-profit organization serving the Swiss economy. Founded in 2000 as a Swiss-Chinese, public-private partnership, SCC supports Swiss companies in business set-up, expansion and operations in China with industrial and office facilities in Shanghai and Tianjin.

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  • Ahmet Tombul (Managing Director, Vauman Shanghai)

    Ahmet Tombul

    Managing Director, Vauman Shanghai

    Ahmet comes originally from Berlin, Germany were he worked as a consultant for many years for large and medium-size companies. He is since 13 years in Shanghai with his family.

    Vauman is an interactive agency specialized in web and mobile solutions. The team at Vauman designs and develops WeChat solutions and mini programs, iOS and Android apps, corporate websites and shop applications for clients in China and abroad.

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  • Alexander Vnuk (Consultant at Fiducia Management Consulting)

    Alexander Vnuk

    Consultant at Fiducia Management Consulting

    Alex graduated from University of Hamburg with a degree in Economics. In the last years I worked in different business consultancies, with a focus on recruitment, in Germany, Beijing, and Shanghai, helping international clients to be successful in China. Alex joined Fiducia as a consultant for the Executive Search Team.

    Fiducia Management Consultants has a proven track record of 35 years in supporting international clients with growing their business in Greater China. With four offices strategically located in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and a multinational team of more than 120 dedicated experts, Fiducia provides China solutions combining international expertise and local know-how. Fiducia offers specialised knowledge and a range of value-added services, including: Executive Search: Finding the right people for you in Greater China and APAC; China Consulting, e.g M&A Projects; location, market or distributor analyses; Incorporation of companies in China; Bookkeeping and controlling services: preparation of balance sheet and P&L, tax reporting.

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Member Price RMB 250
Standard Price RMB 350


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Shanghai, China

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