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The speed of new communication trends and technologies spreading across globe we’re facing today is hugely impressive. Big data is being generated around us via every digital process, social media exchange and mobile transmission. There is no doubt that the big data era has created many new opportunities for businesses, but it isn’t necessarily a magic bullet to the challenges businesses face in understanding their customers.

Big data is only useful to marketers if used in a smart way, so how can you turn big data into smart data?
And how can you ensure that you profit from insights it can deliver?

In the 1st part of presentation, we’ll redefine ‘Big Data’, explain why quantity ≠quality, and also illustrate how weintelligently integrate big data from various sources (e.g. social media, mobile and internet metering data, etc.) with consumer reference data (e.g. Panel data, survey data, etc.) to create smart data.

In the 2nd part of presentation, two cases will be introduced, including how to create and use smart data via two methodologies. In the first case, we’ll talk about using smart data (big data source from social media channels) to understand the true impact of social media on brand imagery. In another case, we’ll explain how to use smart data (big data source from behavioural internet traffic data across websites via tracking software installed on the users’ devices) toallocate marketing resources on and offline to maximize impact on sales.


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  • Bjoern Kroog (Regional Director, Integrated Market Intelligence of APAC,GFK Group)

    Bjoern Kroog

    Regional Director, Integrated Market Intelligence of APAC,GFK Group

    Bjoern hails from Germany and spent 15 years in Market Research and Category Management Europe and Asia. He started his career in market research consulting clients in the FMCG space before leading the Category Management team for the Kellogg Company in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He joined Nielsen in Germany and dedicated his work to develop analytic solutions for the Non FMCG industry before moving to Asia in 2012. Prior to joining GfK Bjoern was leading the Integrated Pricing Analytics Team for Nielsen in Asia Pacific, covering FMCG, Health Care, Media and Telecom projects He is now in heading GfK’s Integrated Market Intelligence team in APAC. Built on integrated analytics leveraging both GfK retail panel expertise and digital & media insights, IMI is helping to compete more effectively in todays multichannel environment and to position for winning in the connected digital world. Bjoern has been invited to speak at client conferences and lecturing at the Thammasat University in Bangkok.

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  • Norbert  Wirth (Global Head of Data and Sciences at GFK Group)

    Norbert Wirth

    Global Head of Data and Sciences at GFK Group

    As Global Head of Data and Sciences for GfK, Norbert directs GfK’s Data strategy across the Consumer Choice and Consumer Experience Sector. He is responsible for the Global Marketing and Data Sciences network and manages the ongoing innovation process for GfK. He’s continuously monitoring and analyzing emerging analytical approaches, technologies and lifestyles to identify implications on marketing research methodologies and practices. Norbert has a strong background in analytics, digital research approaches, science and innovation.
    Prior to re-joining GfK he was Director of Advanced Analytics at MarketTools International (MTI) from July 2007 – January 2010. Responsible for MTI’s analytical teams in the US East coast, India and Europe (UK), strategic product planning and the development of new approaches. Before joining MarketTools, Norbert worked for GfK Group, as deputy head of the central Marketing Sciences Department.
    Having consulted numerous Fortune Global 500 companies as a Marketing Scientist and Digital Expert, Norbert’s skill set leverages a strong business sense with analytical strength and deep knowledge of developments in the digital space.
    As a member of various international professional organizations and in his function as reviewer he evaluates and critiques upcoming research approaches and has a good sense for the practical relevance of any new technique.

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