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There are many pitfalls that local and expat executives will encounter when doing business in China but none dreaded more than finding oneself under investigation for alleged wrongdoings by the company they work for.

Under Chinese law, personal liability for actions taken by a company are regarded rather differently than in many other countries and most expat executives are unaware of the risks involved in serving as a legal representative, director or officer of a company in China.

To help clarify these risks, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai has invited Richard Grams, a Partner of FitzGerald Lawyers, to speak about:
  • the main categories of legal liability that executives bear under PRC law
  • possible consequences of being found personally liable
  • corporate actions/omissions most likely to land executives in trouble
  • how to pro-actively manage the risks of personal liability
  • what to do if you become the subject of an investigation

This briefing will be of interest to anyone who is or may become a director, legal representative or general manager of a business in China.


  • Richard S. Grams (Partner at FitzGerald Lawyers)

    Richard S. Grams

    Partner at FitzGerald Lawyers

    Richard has many years of experience practicing as a lawyer in Hong Kong and mainland China and has been based in Shanghai since 2010. His specialty is advising on cross-border transactions into China, primarily M&A, but also greenfield foreign direct investments, across a broad range of sectors. However, since 2013, Richard has been called upon many times to advise clients on corporate downsizing, restructuring, liquidations and fraud investigations.

    Richard is licensed to practice in Hong Kong and is registered as a foreign lawyer in China.

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