This seminar is ideal for those managers who are looking for a high quality and comprehensive insurance plan for their employees, or for individuals living and working in China who are looking for custom solutions to their insurance needs.

Join CanCham for an informative seminar on the Manulife-Sinochem Group Insurance Program available to all CanCham Members. Three of Manulife's Employee Benefits experts will present the program and will be available to take questions to help you learn why joining our group insurance plan will help your organization in providing stellar compensation packages and benefits to your employees.


  • Nicole Cao (MSL EB Head, Vice President at Manulife-Sinochem)

    Nicole Cao

    MSL EB Head, Vice President at Manulife-Sinochem

    Appointed as the Employee Benefit (Group Insurance) Head and VP of Manulife-Sinochem (MSL) in March 2015.

    Specialized in group insurance for 20 years with rich working experience in several Chinese and foreign insurance companies, had unique vision for the group insurance operation management.

    Rejoined Manulife-Sinochem (MSL) from 2012, in charge of the EB department, repositioned the development strategy of EB and brought MSL EB into a new stage.

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  • Tracy Liu (MSL EB Marketing Director of Manulife-Sinochem)

    Tracy Liu

    MSL EB Marketing Director of Manulife-Sinochem

    Specialized in group insurance for 11 years.

    Past work experience in Ping An Life Insurance and AIA.

    Joined Manulife-Sinochem (MSL) from 2012, mainly in charge of the marketing function of Employee Benefit

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  • Cindy Wang (MSL EB Project Manager at Manulife-Sinochem)

    Cindy Wang

    MSL EB Project Manager at Manulife-Sinochem

    Graduated from the University of York, U.K.

    3 years’ experience in group insurance.

    Joined Manulife-Sinochem (MSL) from 2013, managed and coordinated several EB projects including the CanCham Project.

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