CanCham invites you to the Healthcare in China 101 on November 24 at the beautiful Kartel Bar.

Post-epidemic Era HR - Lead your Company to Success with competitive Employee Health & Benefits Packages.

Excellent benefits for your employees - like medical coverage or annual leaves - play a crucial role in your company's attractiveness.

Offering the most comprehensive packages will always attract the best talents, making you save time and trouble for your company and increase your team performance.

Ironically, Employee Benefits are also among the first spending to be cut in times of uncertainty.

But what if companies could do both: provide their employees with excellent packages without cutting into it when hard times come?

This is the matter we will address in this session where we will show you how to:

- Implement effective cost-containment strategy

- Increase your employee's satisfaction

- Attract only the best talents

- Optimize your employee benefits: Provide the same - and even better - package with the same budget

Who should attend this event:

- HR Managers and Directors

- CEO, General Manager, Founders

- All kinds of manager.

Please re-register and pay at the door. RMB 148 per person.



Pre-register and pay at the door. RMB 148 per person.

Member Price Free

Pre-register and pay at the door. RMB 148 per person.

Standard Price Free


Kartel Bar

5F, 1 Xiangyang Bei Lu

Shanghai, China

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