Tuesday evening July 30th, we have invited 3 VCs and 4 startup entrepreneurs to share with us their experiences and thoughts during their financial investment journey.

There will be interesting stories from 3 VCs – insights on what do they look out for in potential investment deals, investment philosophy, expectations and other key elements when investing in startups for sustainable and successful partnerships.

Also hear from 4 entrepreneurs who have either successfully raised funds or have been actively fundraising. They will share their experiences and tips in engaging investors pre- and post-investment critical to building sustainable and successful partnerships.

Price inclusive of dinner and will be served during the pre-event networking at 6:30PM. Come and join us for this wonderful event. Mark your calendar and register now! We all look forward to seeing you!

All fapiao requests must be sent to susan@cancham.asia before 2:00 PM, July 29th 2019 with the following details:

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6:30 PM - 7 PM
Registration, Dinner & Networking
7 PM - 7:15 PM
7:15 PM - 7:45 PM
Views and Experience Sharing by Panel of VCs
7:45 PM - 8:15 PM
Views and Experience Sharing by Panel of Startup Entrepreneurs
8:15 PM - 8:50 PM
8:50 PM - 9 PM
Closure & Networking


  • Billy Chan (Founder & CEO of DropChain)

    Billy Chan

    Founder & CEO of DropChain

    Billy is an IT industry veteran with over 15 years of global experience in software development, sales and consulting with tech firms such as Microsoft. DropChain is a culmination of his interests in digital technology, supply chains, and good food.

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  • Sandro Lee (Partner at COCOCAPITAL)

    Sandro Lee

    Partner at COCOCAPITAL

    Mr. Li is a member of the Robotics Branch of the China Society of Mechanical Engineering and a mentor of the Industrial Elite Project of Tsinghua University. He has worked for Chuangzhi Tiandi-Tsinghua Science Park and Ryan Group, and is responsible for leading the establishment of the InnoSpace Angel Investment Fund. Mr. Li is currently responsible for the investment in the field of smart manufacturing for COCOCAPITAL.

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  • Yiliu Pu (Co-founder of LyncMed)

    Yiliu Pu

    Co-founder of LyncMed

    At 15, Pu Yuliu cooperated with the Chinese Youth Children‘s Fund and a number of media to create a non-profit organization, and later co-founded the charity organization “Love Code.” In 2015, Ms. Pu started Mygos, an organic produce company that includes organic supermarket and restaurant. In 2018, Ms Pu co-founded LyncMed, a medical supply internet to connect China’s small-medium medical supplies manufacturer with the overseas export market.

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  • Allen Tang (Founder & CEO of Super Chinese)

    Allen Tang

    Founder & CEO of Super Chinese

    Allen is a technopreneur with a strong passion for the use of artificial intelligence in the education industry, particularly in Chinese language learning. Allen founded Super Chinese in January 2018, a company dedicated to using AI technology to globalize Chinese Education. Before Super Chinese, Allen was CEO of HSChinese, in charge of successful Chinese education products such as Hello HSK and Pop Chinese available in 200 countries.
    唐先生是一位技术专家,对教育行业使用人工智能充满热情,特别是在汉语学习方面。于2018年1月创立了超级中文,致力于利用人工智能技术实现中国教育的全球化。在Super Chinese之前,唐先生曾担任HSChinese的首席执行官,负责在200个国家/地区提供Hello HSK和Pop Chinese等成功的中文教育产品。

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  • Richard Wang (Partner at Draper Dragon Fund)

    Richard Wang

    Partner at Draper Dragon Fund

    Mr. Wang has over 20 years of business development, technical marketing and sales management in high technology space experiences. Prior to DFJ Dragon Fund, Richard served as QunZhong E-Commerce’s CEO and founded OLEA Network with partners in Silicon Valley. Richard is interested at Artificial Intelligence Application and fintech area especially in BlockChain.
    王岳华先生在20年的从业经验里主要从事技术研发,以及市场营销等不同的工作岗位,主要专业是电磁波场论研究。在从事创业投资行业之前,创立群众电子商务有限公司担任首席执行官职务,然后2010年王先生与硅谷创业伙伴创立了Olea Network 开发无线智能心电图传感器。目前王岳华感兴趣的领域有物联网,人工智能应用以及区块链技术。

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  • Quanjiang Zeng (Associate Director of InnoVen Capital)

    Quanjiang Zeng

    Associate Director of InnoVen Capital

    Mr. Zeng is the Associate Director of InnoVen Capital China and has more 10 years working experiences in private equity. Prior to joining InnoVen Capital, Quanjiang was a Vice President in PE Center of Taikang AMC, where he led investment deals in numerous fields including logistics, supply chain, B2B services, medical care and online games. Previously, he also worked at KPMG, CICC and CBDC successively with years of working experiences in auditing, equity research, risk management and post-invest management.

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  • Vincent Zhang (CTO at ATOME China)

    Vincent Zhang

    CTO at ATOME China

    Vincent Zhang is the CTO of ATOME China (one of the subsidiaries of Advance.ai). He founded/co-founded several VC-backed fintech startups in China and SEAsia before joining Advance. In addition to his broad experience in Asia, Vincent has previously worked in the headquarters of Google and Bloomberg in the U.S. Vincent received an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business. He also holds MS Computer Science degrees from both the University of California and Fudan University.
    张政(Vincent)是ATOME China(Advance.ai子公司)的首席技术官。

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