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With an increasingly mature and consumer-oriented economy and a new competitive landscape, China has taken a leading role, especially in the rapidly expanding e-commerce sector. The fast-growing, digitized and high-income middle class in China has an increased appetite for foreign premium products such as sporting goods, luxury clothing, electric vehicles and food. Thus, the Chinese market today offers enormous potential for foreign retailers. At the same time, this rapidly changing shopping landscape brings along new challenges and adaptation needs. In order to succeed in this market, foreign companies need to navigate and master both the finesse of online and offline commerce. In this seminar, Fiducia experts will outline how to navigate through the Chinese retail industry, efficiently structure your brand distribution in China, find reliable business partners and prepare properly for the world's largest e-commerce market.

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6:30 PM - 7 PM
7 PM - 8:15 PM
Presentation + Panel Discussion + Q&A
8:15 PM - 9 PM


  • Marshall Chen (Head of Fiducia's China Consulting Team)

    Marshall Chen

    Head of Fiducia's China Consulting Team

    Fiducia Management Consultants have been helping clients to successfully establish business operations in Greater China for 36 years. With 4 teams located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong made up of over 120 multilingual employees, Fiducia combines international expertise and local know-how to provide China Consulting, Corporate Services, Finance & Accounting, Tax Advisory, Trade & Technology, and Executive Search.
    As the head of Fiducia's China Consulting Team, Marshall has 15 years’ experience in providing multinational clients with cuttingedge market intelligence and strategic advice to support their growth in the Chinese market. His expertise ranges from conducting in-depth market studies (market mapping, competitor benchmarking, cost-competitive analysis, demand analysis) to strategy formulation for market entry and growth, as well as M&A support. Marshall has extensive experience in supporting clients from various industries, including plastics, machinery and medical devices.

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  • Benny Xu (Country Manager of China, Schuler Wine China Co.,  Ltd)

    Benny Xu

    Country Manager of China, Schuler Wine China Co., Ltd

    As the head of China Schuler wine company, Benny has 13 years’ experience in food and wine industry in both modern channels and e-commerce. His expertise ranges from branding management, marketing and strategy analysis.
    Today, SCHULER WINE is one of Switzerland’s most renowned wine trades. In our own vineyards, our oenologists and our cellar master raise our wines in barrels made of noble wood, homemade, and let them be ennobles in our own barrel cellar.
    For eleven generations, SCHULER relies on the highest quality and the strictest controls. It is thanks to this formula that we can guarantee the highest quality of our wine, and the fully satisfaction of our customers. Besides, 2013 AWC Vienna named SCHULER the best wine retailer in the world.
    SCHULER China is very happy to cooperate with the different distributors, retailors and intermediaries in the various sales channels. We are not just your wine supplier, we could also be your personal wine expert.

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Standard Price RMB 350


Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

210 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai


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