CanCham Roundtable: Diversity and Inclusion

Some organizations have been running inclusion and diversity related initiatives for years globally and locally. Particularly in large companies where this occurs, it can be challenging to step back and assess what the overall impact has been and how to design meaningful next steps. Other organizations are gaining momentum and buy in having run some D&I programs with leaders on the ground, but knowing how to advise on where to take it next seems daunting. And then there are other organizations that are yet to get any real traction internally, despite support from the top. Crafting meaningful steps forward requires a better understanding of the benefits of a diversity and inclusion strategy and knowledge of best practices.

CanCham is collaborating with Inner Circles to host this roundtable for executives to come together and share about where they are on the D&I journey, put their challenges on the table, and access fresh ideas and best practices.

To get the most from this roundtable, we are seeking participation from executives who meet the following critetia:

  1. At the global level, the organization I work with had a diversity and inclusion strategy that is supported by top global leadership.
  2. At the regional/local level, I am in a position to drive the strategy forward and localize it appropriately.
  3. I have participated in some kind of diversity and inclusion activity before and/or been engaged in discussion with different stakeholders on diversity and inclusion related topics.

Please come and join us on September 9th. We look forward to meeting with you!

All fapiao requests must be sent to before 2:00 PM, September 6th 2019 with the following details:

  • Guest Name
  • Company Name
  • Fapiao Title
  • Tax Number
  • Fapiao amount requested (must be the amount paid)

We only provide fapiao before the event and all requested fapiao can be picked up at the event or the CanCham office (one fapiao per person).


  • Em Roblin (Founder of Inner Circles)

    Em Roblin

    Founder of Inner Circles

    Thousands of leaders have gone through programs and experiences created by Em. From Canada, and based out of Beijing since 2006, she is the passionate founder of Inner Circles. She brings a global perspective to a decade long track record of working with top organizations and executives to build inclusive cultures where people thrive. She’s worked extensively in women in leadership and brings diverse women together in the experiences she creates. She holds an MPA from Ryerson University where she researched diversity and equity and a BAH in education from Queen's University. She’s married with three kids and is known for her authentic approach to integrating work and life. She was recipient of the EY Women in Business Inspiration Leadership Award in 2011 and Best International Family in 2018 by the International Beijing Women’s Federation.

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Member Price RMB 200
Standard Price RMB 250


Meeting Room II, 7/F, Shanghai Center West Tower

Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing West Road,
West Tower, Meeting Room II, Office 710, Jing’an, Shanghai

Shanghai, China

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