CanCham Training Session

Come and join us for this 4-hour training session on September 18th to learn and implement a streamlined sales process and conversation system that will strengthen engagement with potential clients!

Do you want to learn the most essential sales skills?

Do you want to know how to handle sales challenges effectively?

Do you want to increase your confidence level in managing sales meetings?

If answer is "YES!" this training session is for you!





Since childhood, we have been conditioned to immediately answer when asked a question. This carries on as we grow up and become sales professionals who are encouraged to TALK, TALK, TALK! However, these behaviors often result in prospects leaving meetings with all the information they need while sales people are unsure about next steps and if the prospect is serious about doing business.

This training will introduce the Trident Training sales process and techniques on how to effectively manage the conversation, ask questions, gather information, and solidify follow-up meetings; and teach attendees to approach meetings (Phone & Face2Face) differently than traditional sales reps.


此次由加中商会和Trident Training组织的培训,将会专注于:如何有效地管理对话,询问问题,收集组织信息,以及固化会议跟进等;并指导学员在与客户交谈中用非传统销售技巧达到预期目标。

Please Note: This training will only be conducted in English.


All fapiao requests must be sent to before 2:00 PM, September 17th 2019 with the following details:

  • Guest Name
  • Company Name
  • Fapiao Title
  • Tax Number
  • Fapiao amount requested (must be the amount paid)

We only provide fapiao before the event and all requested fapiao can be picked up at the event or the CanCham office (one fapiao per person).


1 PM - 1:30 PM
1:30 PM - 3 PM
3 PM - 3:30 PM
Coffee Break
3:30 PM - 5 PM
Training and Q&A


  • Jeff Seems (Founder of Trident Training)

    Jeff Seems

    Founder of Trident Training

    An openness to learning and challenging the status-quo has allowed Jeff Seems, Founder of Trident Training, to succeed over the years as a colligate basketball athlete, International Fulbright Scholar, and business professional. Today, Jeff is regarded as a leader in international sales.

    Work Experience 工作经验:
    International Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Project Management 国际商业发展,销售和营销,  项目管理

    Industry Experience  行业工作经验:
    Exhibitions & Conferences, IT Software, Sports Marketing

    Countries 国家工作经验:
    China, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, USA

    Quotes 最喜欢的名言:
    "Believe in yourself, even when no one else does."
    "You don't know what a bad day is."

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Door Price: 1,500 RMB

Member Price RMB 1,300

Door Price: 1,700 RMB

Standard Price RMB 1,500


Meeting Room, 7/F, Shanghai Center West Tower

Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing West Road,
West Tower, Meeting Room II, Office 710, Jing’an, Shanghai

Shanghai, China

If you have any questions please contact Suni Yun

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