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It's CanCham's biggest event of the year, Canada Day 2021, proudly presented by True Legend Hospitality Group.

Kick off summer in style by joining us for a lovely party at One East! Mark your calendars for good times with great friends on Saturday, June 26th from 2PM to enjoy a day filled with the tastiest Canadian food & beverages, live musical performances, and activities & games for the entire family! Experience the Canadian Lifestyle with us! Happy Canada Day!

Click here to check out the video highlights of past year's event!

加中商会的年度最大活动, 2021加拿大日, 即将到来!



Celebrate Canada Day with us! | 与我们共同庆祝加拿大日!

This event would not be possible without the support of our incredible sponsors, including our premium sponsor Manulife-Sinochem.  Be sure to visit our Canadian corporate company booths: CN, Red Gate, CP, ClearWater, BMO and Saimen.

感谢各赞助商的鼎力支持,使这些精彩得以呈现。请务必参览各赞助商的展位:CN, Red Gate, CP, ClearWater, BMO and Saimen.

For this grand celebration, we will have the annual cake cutting ceremony that will be presided by the Consul General of Canada in Shanghai, Dave Murphy! 

为此盛会,还将有一年一度的切蛋糕仪式,该仪式将由加拿大驻上海总领事馆总领事Dave Murphy主持。

Pictured: Former Consul General Weldon Epp in 2019

with Kai Zhang, Jenny Fan & Mathieu Cormier

Eat and Drinks at Canada Day | 加拿大日的美味佳肴

Canada Day is a special occasion to reunite with friends and family and enjoy some delicious Canadian specialties. Be sure not to miss out on the tasty dishes and amazing drinks that our food and beverage booths have provided for this event.  We are pleased to have the support of Tim's Coffee Shop, Beast of the East, Big Bamboo, Pistolera, Hungry Lung's Kitchen, LuLu Island, and Bites & Bottle-O 

在加拿大日当天与亲朋好友们一道品尝加拿大特色菜,各式菜肴饮品勿错过。我们很高兴得到Tim's Coffee Shop, Beast of the East, Big Bamboo, Pistolera, Hungry Lung's Kitchen, LuLu Island, and Bites & Bottle-O这些餐厅的支持。

Fun at Canada Day | 乐趣在加拿大日

Canada Day means fun for all ages! Be sure to bring your children to our Asian Tiger's grand bouncing castle and Realive face painting booth. Enjoy a day of festivities with your family!

快乐不分长幼!请带您的孩子来参加Asian Tiger提供的大型弹跳城堡和Realive提供的面部彩绘棚。亲子同乐!

Live Performance with Canadian Artists | 现场表演

Canada Day would not be Canada Day without jaw-dropping live performances. We are delighted to present you a wide array of artists: Tony and Dori, DJ Sal as well as The Red Stars.

如果没有令人惊叹的现场表演,加拿大日将沽其名。我们很高兴为您介绍这些加拿大艺术家:TonyDoriDJ Sal以及Red Stars乐队

Tony and Dori are a familiar musical act in Shanghai on the bar, restaurant, hotel, charity and festival circuit during the past five years. He is from Vancouver and she is from Moldova. They have a message of diversity and  inclusiveness to share through their music.


Coming from Waterloo, Ontario, Dj Sal has been playing in Shanghai for the past 13 years. His Popasuda parties at Dada have garnered a ton of support with reviews in local and international media. Expect some funk and disco classics for the dance floor, some essential Canadian selections, and a few fun party tunes.

来自安大略省滑铁卢市的DJ Sal在过去的13年中一直在上海演出。他在达达(Dada)举行的Popasuda派对获得了当地和国际媒体的广泛关注。放克,经典迪斯科,加拿大音乐精选,派对音乐,在舞池中期待这一切吧!

The Red Stars have proven themselves to be a power house on the Shanghai scene. Over the past 3 years they have created a series of sold out Tribute Shows. Tragically Hip, Queen, Adele, ABBA, Linkin Park, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Avril Lavigne, Pink, too many to count. They simply rock!

Red Stars乐队已证明自己是上海地区的一支劲旅。在过去的3年中,他们创造了一系列神话,如Queen, Adele, ABBA, Linkin Park, Nirvana, Michael Jackson-Bruno Mars, Avril Lavigne-Pink等。

Don't Miss the Raffle Draw | 幸运抽奖

Canada Day is bringing a multitude of prizes for a grand raffle. Don't miss out on your opportunity to win a prize from our in-kind sponsors: Air Canada, Hyatt on the Bund, Hyatt Regency, Grand Kempinski Hotel, LoopDivision, DragonFly, Titika, 521/SH, 360 Gradi, Fulls USA, Astron Connect, LuLu Island, Bites & Bottle-O, and Sherpa's. 



Call For Sponsors | 赞助我们

Currently, we are still seeking sponsors and partners to help make this momentous day not only a reality, but a party we'll never soon forget! Sponsoring our Canada Day is the perfect opportunity to market your brand to the local Canadian and Chinese Businesses. Your branding can be on all promotional event materials, giving exposure before, during and after the event; including but not limited to CanCham's WeChat, Website, Weibo, LinkedIn and other media partners (30,000 + followers).

Please contact at info@cancham.asia for the specific rates of our sponsorship


请您联系 info@cancham.asia 以获取更多赞助资讯和价格

Event Layout and Direction | 活动布局及场地位置

Venue | 场所

One East 博荟广场

黄浦区中山南一路788号博荟广场荟玩广场One Plaza南2门,靠近13号线世博会博物馆地铁2号口
One East South 2 Gate, No.788 Zhongshannanyi Road, Huangpu District, Next to Block A, Subway Line 13 World Exposition Museum Exit 2

ShanghaiHuangpu, China

If you have any questions please contact Stella Jiang

Contact Organizer

+86 60758798

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Tickets | 票务

Member Early Bird Pass 会员早鸟票

Door Price: RMB 150

With every ticket purchased, you receive:
· One drink voucher to redeem at the CanCham Bar
· One Canada Day goodie bag

· 一张饮料券可在加中商会酒吧摊位兑换
· 加拿大日礼物袋一个

Early Bird Pass 早鸟票

Door Price: RMB 200

With every ticket purchased, you receive:
· One drink voucher to redeem at the CanCham Bar
· One Canada Day goodie bag

· 一张饮料券可在加中商会酒吧摊位兑换
· 加拿大日礼物袋一个

Children Early Bird Pass 小孩早鸟票

Children Door Price 小孩现场购买票价: RMB 100
Children 5 years old and younger are FREE 5岁以下小孩免费入场

· Not include drink voucher and goodie bag
· 不包含饮料卷及礼物袋

Fapiao Policy | 发票

Please send your Fapiao information, along with the event name and price of ticket to susan@cancham.asia to request e-Fapiao.